Back to Egypt

Jeremiah 43:7 and they went to the land of Egypt because they did not obey the voice of the Lord…

It’s now 900 years after Moses brought the people out of Egypt. When Moses led them out they were singing songs of deliverance. But now they are headed back to the place of bondage.
Sad to say believers often follow this trail too. For believers there is a fatal attraction to Egypt. It seems there are times when Christians get tired of struggling with lust, anger or bitterness and they want to give up. Sometimes it seems like life was easier before Christ.
The struggles of the Christian life can cause us to wander back to Egypt, to the old life. Life seemed easier back then. It was easier in Egypt. We had food to eat, we were secure from war and hardships. And if we don’t watch it, we can wander back to Egypt too.
Struggle is part of the Christian life. Paul talks about the spirit waring against the flesh & the flesh against the spirit. It is a military term. In this life, we are in a war zone.
And the struggle will always be there, it hasn’t ended in my life and it won’t in yours until we are translated out of this present reality. So, don’t get discouraged, this is a war zone. Strap on your helmet and get ready for battle each day. Struggle is evidence of the new birth.


David Ball

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