What a Jerk

Jeremiah 52:3 Because of the Lord’s anger, it came to the point in Jerusalem and Judah that He finally banished them from His presence. Nevertheless, Zedekiah rebelled against the king of Babylon. 

Zedekiah was the last king of Judah. He reigned 11 years and he did what was evil in the Lord’s sight. And because of Zedekiah’s rebellion, God sent the Babylonians to judge Judah. He put Judah in the smelting pot. What is interesting is that Babylon was even more wicked than Judah. God used a nation more wicked than Judah to bring judgment on Judah. 

Have you ever worked for a ‘jerk’? Have you ever had a mean or even a wicked boss? Did you find yourself asking God, “why did You give me this supervisor?” “Lord, please get me out of here; move me to another work station”. 

God works in our lives even in the most uncomfortable circumstances. There are some lesson we can only learn in the crucible. So, when God puts you in a tough situation the best thing you can do is submit. Submit to His plan, submit to His methods. Zedekiah rebelled and he lost everything. Trust God, He knows what He is doing. 

David Ball

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