Dealing with Idols

Ezekiel 8:6 He said to me, ‘Son of man, do you see what they’re doing here, more detestable things that the house of Israel is committing, so that I must depart from My sanctuary?

In chapter 8 God shows Ezekiel an idol that was set up just outside the Temple in Jerusalem. The people worshiped false gods in the very place God established HIs throne. They worshiped false gods in God’s presence. They could only do this because they were blind to His presence.

As we look at Christianity today there are churches in main stream Christian denominations who worship pagan idols in their services. The Greek goddess Sophia, and the Madonna. Many churches are ordaining homosexuals, allowing same sex marriages, and openly supporting abortion rights.

These churches are doing these things in God’s presence; He is the One true living God, the greater reality and yet they choose to ignore Him. He’s right before them and they refuse to acknowledge that He is there in their presence.

I’m sure none of you would willingly bow down and worship an idol like Sophia, but are there things in your life that shouldn’t be there? Are there iniquities or vices that have found their way into your life? If so, deal with them now. Don’t let them becomse established in your heart, the place where God has established His throne.


David Ball

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