Are you a Rebel?

Ezekiel 12:2 ‘Son of man, you are living among a rebellious house. They have eyes to see but don’t see and ears to hear but don’t hear, for they are a rebellious house.

Ezekiel uses the word rebellious twice in this verse. He uses this word more than all the books of the Old Testament combined. The reason these people didn’t see was because they were rebellious or willfully disobedience. They had the tools they needed to hear and see (eyes and ears) but they chose to rebel and so they could not hear and see what God wanted to show them.

This is a challenge for us. Do you have a rebellious spirit? You don’t need to have a skull and cross bone tattoo or to ride a Harley to be a rebel. People who are ‘passive aggressive’ are just as much a rebel as a perosn who is openly and agressivly rebellious.

I think if we’re honest, we would all agree that there is a little rebel in each of us. I know you see it in others? We see the guy who cuts corners when the boss isn’t looking or who brags about what he got away with on his tax returns. There is a little rebel in all of us.

A rebellious spirt seems fun and a little exciting at times but the bible says in the end it makes us blind and deaf, spiritually.

If you are prone to be rebellious, openly or passivly, you need to deal with it. Confess it as sin and ask God to help you turn away. Ask God to give you an obedient spirit.


David Ball

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