Attitude Check

Ezekiel 25:3 Say to the Ammonites: Hear the word of the Lord God: This is what the Lord God says: Because you said, ‘Good!’ about My sanctuary when it was desecrated about the land of Israel when it was laid waste and about the house of Judah when they went into exile, therefore I’m about to give you to the people of the east as a possession.

Have you ever observed an enemy being humbled or humiliated? What was your reaction? Have you ever watched in joy as your rival football team lost a big game? I think we all have. Did you think or say out loud, ‘awesome, they’re finally getting what they deserve!’

Well, you might want to check your attitude. God says we should not rejoice when others fail. Ammon and Moab gloated over the downfall of Jerusalem and God gave these two nations to the ‘people of the east as a possession’. He said He would make them fall and that they would not be remembered among the nations. Serious stuff.

When you see God dealing with someone for their sin don’t pile on or take pleasure in it. Don’t say ‘great, they’re getting their just deserts!’ We need to pray for them, in humility. But for the grace of God we could just as easily be in that situation. God isn’t honored when we rejoice in the downfall of others.


David Ball