An Excellent Spirit

Daniel 6:3 Daniel distinguished himself above the administrators and satraps because he had an extraordinary spirit, so the king planned to set him over the whole realm.

In chapter 6 Daniel is close to 90 years old. As a teenager he purposed in his heart to follow God and for all his life he did. He was taken from his family when he was about 15. It is even possible that his family was killed in front of him before he was taken to Babylon. Josephus tells us that he was a eunuch. Isaiah might confirm that. Isaiah 39:7

Daniel had everything taken from him as a teenager. But he was determined not to lose his God. He may have thought, I’ve lost everything else, I’m not going to lose my God’. This was the one thing they could not take from him.

His decisions as a teen set the course for his entire life. In chapter 6 over 70 years have passed since he was taken from Jerusalem. He has witnessed the fulfillment of the prophesies he was given as a young man. Nebuchadnezzar is dead and the Persians are now in charge. He has seen God’s word fulfilled and he knows he can trust Him.

I say all this because you and I will be faced with decisions today that will set the course for the rest of our life. However much time we have, we will make decisions today that will affect our life 5, 10, 20, 40 years from now. Daniel made the right decisions because he had an ‘excellent spirit’. How do we become men like Daniel; men with an excellent spirit?

The bible says we are made up of body, soul, and spirit. If we will allow ourselves to be driven by God’s Spirit we will have an ‘excellent spirit’ as well. Many people today are driven by the flesh. They want power, pleasure and prestige. Others are driven by the soul. Their feelings are the most important thing. What drives you? We should strive to be more like Daniel, men of an ‘excellent spirit’.

Be a man who is driven by God’s Spirit.


David Ball