Be Strong

Zechariah 8:9 The Lord of Hosts says this: ‘Let your hands be strong’

God encouraged these men because they needed it; there was very little, outwardly speaking to inspire them. They had traveled hundreds of miles and over the course of four months to get to Jerusalem. When they arrived they found a city in ruins. They spent two years rebuilding the temple and it was only half way done. And what they had been able to accomplish was a shabby shadow of Solomon’s Temple.

So, God says to them ‘let your hands be strong’. They were discouraged because after all their effort they produced something that looked pretty pathetic.

We are a results driven society. Everyone expects to be a winner, and to take home the trophy but only a few actually do. So, it is easy to get discouraged when we look at the results of our efforts. We are told to be a witness to friends, and raise our kids to love the Lord. But when we do most of the time all we get is push back. It seems like we are plowing in concrete.

God said to the men in Zechariah’s day and He says to us, ‘keep it up’. You may not see the results you want or the outcome you expect but as you bear witness to friends and neighbors, as you raise your kids, you are doing the work God has given you. Let your hands be strong!

Don’t let material results be your motivation; let His voice, the words of His mouth inspire you.


David Ball