Our Calling

Zechariah 11:16 I am about to raise up a shepherd in the land who will not care for those who’re going astray and he will not seek the lost or heal the broken. He will not sustain the healthy but he’ll devour the flesh of the fat sheep and tear off their hooves.

During the Great Tribulation a man will arise and take power. He will be a great leader and orator. He will mesmerize the masses with his abilities and intellect. We know him as the Antichrist. Zechariah gives us more details about him in this verse.

But I want to look at this verse from a different perspective. God tells us that the Antichrist, the foolish shepherd, will not watch out for those who are going astray, nor seek those who are lost, heal the broken, or sustain the healthy. These are things a good shepherd does.

And so hidden in this description of the Antichrist we find our marching orders. These are the things a good shepherd does, these are the things God wants us to do. We need to keep an eye out for those who are going astray. Do you know a believer who is off track? Reach out to them. Do you know those who are lost? Speak to them.

Do you know people who are broken hearted? Pray with them, seek to heal them. And for those who are healthy, stand with them and sustain them. If we will follow these simple instructions the church will be much healthier.


David Ball