Bringing Your Best

Malachi 1:8 ‘But when you present the blind for sacrifice, is it not evil? And when you present the lame and sick, is it not evil? Why not offer it to your governor?

The prophet Malachi ministered around 432 BC. The nation of Israel had been reestablished for about 100 years by this time. They started out strong, worship was real and the people were sincere in their devotion to God. But now, 100 years later, things had begun to wane. The people were lukewarm towards God and their worship was weak.

They offered blind, lame, and sick animals as a sacrifice. So, God asks them, ‘why don’t you give them to your governor? See how impressed he is with your gift. And God says, ‘you wonder why I don’t receive you kindly when you bring Me junk’. The people of Israel had cooled over time in regard to their love for God. The same thing can happen to us.

When we bring blind or lame sacrifices to God it is an indication that our love for Him has cooled. In what ways do we bring lame and blind sacrifices to God? Certainly, we don’t bring farm animals to church each week to sacrifice on an altar. The sacrifices we bring are our time and talents, we bring a heart to serve the body of Christ. So, when we bring ‘blind and lame’ sacrifices to God we bring things that are not our best.

Every summer when people get ready to move to their next assignment I usually get a few who will ask me if they can donate something to the church. I have to confess I’m always a little skeptical. I have had too many people try to unload their old, beat up stuff on the church so they don’t have to move it.

What does it mean to give our best? It means to give God the very best we have. The best of our time. The best of our talents. Bring God your best to God. He deserves it. And when we do He will receive us kindly.


David Ball