The Quiet Days

Genesis 22:1 After these things God tested Abraham…

In Genesis 21 Isaac is born, the son God promised to Abraham. It is a majestic, a miraculous story. Abraham is 100, Sarah is 90 and God gives them a son. There is also some drama as God tells Abraham to send Hagar and Ishmael into the desert which was very difficult for Abraham. It is a powerful chapter.

Then in chapter 22 we find the story of God calling Abraham to sacrifice Isaac on Mount Moriah. Again, an amazing and powerful story. But what we often miss is that almost 30 years go by between chapters 21 and 22. Thirty years go by and there is no record of God saying anything to Abraham. For 30 long years it seems that Abraham just goes about the business of caring for his family and flocks, and worshiping God.

I think we often miss some of what God wants to show us in the quiet times, the ‘not so dramatic days’ because we are waiting for the next big event. We’re looking for God to move in some earth shaking way. The fact is that the vast majority of life is lived out in quiet, mostly dull, mundane ‘daily-ness’. But that does not mean that God isn’t there.

Even in the ordinary, plain vanilla days of our life, God is still there. Are you walking with Him in obedience in the daily routine of life? It is in those times that God prepares us for the days when He moves dramatically.


David Ball