Genesis 24:5 The servant said to him, ’Suppose the woman is unwilling to follow me to this land? Should I have your son go back to the land you came from?’

In Genesis 24 Abraham sends his most trusted servant back to the land of the Chaldeans, his home land, to get a wife for his son Isaac. He tells Eliezer not to take a wife for Isaac from the Canaanites. And he makes Eliezer swear an oath.

Now when Eliezer hears Abrahams request he has some questions. “What should I do if she won’t come?” It was a good question. “Should I kidnap her? Should I take Isaac back there? What should I do?” She hadn’t been following Isaac on social media so she might not want to go with Eliezer. So, Abraham tells him, “no, don’t take him back and if she won’t come with you willingly you are free from the oath”.

Take note of what Eliezer does after Abraham gives him this mission. Eliezer does not just say, ‘OK’ and then wander off. He listens and gives thought to Abraham’s request. He had questions to clarify what should happen if things don’t go as planned. Eliezer took ownership of the mission Abraham gave him.

There is a lesson here for us. Whether in the church or at work, you should take ownership of whatever task or job you are assigned, big or small. Engage your heart and your brain, and bring them to bear on the task in front of you.

There is no division of work, spiritual and secular. Everything we do should be done as unto the Lord.


David Ball