A Good Question

If a man dies, shall he live again? All the days of my hard service I will wait, till my change comes.

Job 14:14

The book of Job is one of the oldest books of the Bible. In Job the question is asked, “If a man dies, shall he live again?” That is a great question. What happens when we die? What is there beyond this life?
Before I was a Christian, I thought about life and death quite often. I was a teenager. It was a heavy subject to be contemplating, but I found myself thinking about death on a regular basis. My belief at the time was that once you stop living, you simply cease to exist but something else inside me questioned that belief. I knew of the existence of Heaven and Hell but was too concerned about my present life to think too much about them. Until the day I almost died.
The afterlife is something that many people think about today because numerous books have been published on spirituality and life beyond the grave. For the Baby Boomers, the inevitability of death is approaching. We are having to come face-to-face with our mortality. We used to sing that we were forever young, but that song doesn’t ring true like it once did. We are becoming forever old. The clock is ticking. Time is marching on. We are trying to pretend it isn’t happening and trying to turn back time, but we know that death is coming.
What happens beyond the grave? According to the Bible, there is life beyond the grave. And because of what Jesus Christ did on the cross, and our belief in Him we as Christians have the hope that when we die, we will immediately go into the presence of God to a wonderful place called Heaven. That is the message we have been given to bring to this world.

David Ball