About The Pastor

How it all began…
Calvary Chapel Kaiserslautern began in 2002 when Pastor David Ball started a bible study in a living room with three couples…

What We Believe

In Luke 10 Jesus lays out three pillars of the Christian life.

First, we are called to a life of engagement. We are ‘sent out’ into the world to engage people, tell them about Jesus and that He is coming back.

The second pillar guides our calling. The second pillar is our attitude. We are to approach the Christian life with the attitude of a servant and the heart of a good neighbor. We must be willing to sacrifice our ‘goods’, and show mercy and compassion to those in need around us.

The final pillar is primary over all. We are called to love in the same way Jesus loved.

This is what we are about. And we invite you to come join us.