Prophetic Tongues

In some parts of the church today there is a practice known as ‘Prophetic Tongues’. This is the belief that God speaks to, and in some cases, instructs or gives special revelation to His church through the use of tongues or unknown languages.

This practice is not biblical, it is a learned behavior that has been passed down over the years. In Acts 2, we’re told that as the disciples spoke in tongues, they proclaimed ‘the wonderful works of God’. In Acts 10, it says they spoke of ‘God’s greatness’. 1 Corinthians 14 says the person who speaks in an unknown tongue speaks to God. Tongues are always directed to God. They are never instructional.

Scripture clearly says the gift of tongues is used to praise and magnify God. Tongues are never used to educate the church. Why would God speak to the bride He loves in a language she can’t understand?

Like all gifts, the gift of tongues is wonderful, when it is used properly.


David Ball

When God says ‘No’

In Acts 8 we see John the apostle for the last time. Certainly, he was around for a long time after this. He will write his gospel, three letters, and the book of Revelation, but he is not mentioned again in the book of Acts.

So, it’s interesting that the last time we see him is in Samaria; the place where he and James earned their nick name, ‘The Sons of Thunder’. They wanted Jesus to call down fire from heaven and burn up an entire city.

So, what was it like for him to walk into this city and look into the eyes of men and women he tried to get Jesus to burn up and now see them as brothers and sisters in Christ. I’m sure he clearly understood why Jesus didn’t answer his earlier request.

In our life, there will be requests we make of God that He will not grant. And in time we will understand why.

Pastor Dave

The Greatest Need