Fellowship Opportunities

Small Group Bible Studies

The Home Fellowships of Calvary Chapel are small groups designed to provide an environment for fellowship, encouragement, prayer, and Bible study.

The Home Fellowships have a strong emphasis on developing a more intimate relationship with God, through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

These small groups promote discussion of the Scriptures with a focus on the application of the Word of God in our lives. Although each fellowship will have its own distinct personality, a typical meeting includes:

  • Bible study: as we search the Scripture in order to grow in knowledge and understanding of our Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Fellowship: as we meet together as the Body of Christ and share our faith and encourage each other in faith and good works.
  • Prayer: as we intercede in prayer for the needs within the Body of Christ.

Current Home Fellowships


FRIDAYS @ 6:00 pm
Eternal Perks Café

Digging deeper into the Sunday Morning Message
Potluck & Bible Study

Two Sundays per month at the Atkins/Stephens House

Potluck: 5pm
Study: 6pm

Homeschool Fellowship

Every 1st & 3rd Friday

Here at Calvary Chapel Kaiserslautern, we have a large population of families that Homeschool.

Join us at the Church on the 1st & 3rd Friday for a time for parents and kids to fellowship together.

See Liz Hitzfeld, or fill out the contact sheet for more information

Ladies Brunch

One Saturday per Month

Join the Women of Calvary Chapel for a Ladies Brunch one Saturday each month.

This is a great time of fellowship amongst Godly women and a time to dig into God's Word.

See Krista Faure for more information, or click the link below to sign up

Men's Steak Night

One Saturday Per Month

Join the Men of Calvary Chapel once per month for a time  of grilling steak, fellowship, and digging into God's Word.

Typically, we do a topical devotional and come together as Men of the Church.

Contact Carlos Aviles, or use the sign up below if you are interested.

Bring a friend

Occasionally, we will do a breakfast instead of a steak night